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You wanna know the weirdest dream I've ever had? First, let me explain that my dreams always start one way and have no logical progression, but always end just different enough to not make sense, but similar enough that I can almost remember where they started. It's like a big blurry picture that gradually changes while simultaneously coming into focus. I assume most peoples are like that, but I digress.

What I can remember from the end of the dream is that I was in Dollar Tree, as were the characters from Law & Order: SVU. Something was going on with a male contraceptive, I think they needed to get one to examine for a case; I don't remember what the case was or why they would need one, or why they would have them in a Dollar Tree, but I do remember seeing what the case was in the omniscient 3rd person perspective that my dreams often start in. Again, blurry picture.

Anyway, Stabler and the Asian guy were questioning some denizens of the store for some reason, myself included, but the only other person I remember being there was Scrooge McDuck. Yes, the Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales was in a dream primarily about a new experimental male contraceptive and the detectives from Law & Order: SVU, taking place in the real world in a Dollar Tree. No particular reason either, he was just there.

For some reason the whole "Omniscient 3rd Person Perspective" thing kicked back in and I vaguely remember that the old duck was having some trouble with his extended family, and I oddly knew all of this in dream and felt sorry for him. Stabler started to get rough while interrogating him about something (at this point it had all fell to shit) but only verbally. He insinuated that his family didn't care about him and other such things to that effect, which was when I got angry.

So I grab Stabler and start fighting him for picking on Scrooge McDuck and say something like "I swear to God I will bash your head in!" while holding him up against a wall. He asks if I'm threatening an officer of the law and that when I start freaking out, because I realize I just flew into a rage over an animated character that I vaguely knew but shouldn't have known and started hyperventilating. I was begging not to be arrested as I went from being a cool guy in a weird-but-cool dream to a wuss in a complete nightmare, hoping that nothing bad happened, and then I woke up.

I sat up for a few seconds and thought What was I just dreaming about again? and then Wait, what? Truly a bizarre event that I will remember to the best of my ability as long as I live. I wouldn't give up these crazy dream stories for my life, even if they drive me to insanity. They're just too damn fun to reminisce about.

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